The Crew

The Ayacanora anchored
The Ayacanora's Co-Captains, Mike and Roberta
Mike and Roberta will be your personal crew sailing you throughout the islands taking pleasure in seeking out idyllic anchorages and catering to your every need. They were married in 1973 and have two grown children. In 1979 they built a forty foot sailboat and the family sailed extensively for two years. They have many years of sailing and power boating experience from the Great lakes, West Coast, East Coast and the Caribbean!

Mike has a 500 ton Masters license and 100 ton sailing endorsement. He was born in Nebraska, however joined he Navy at the age of 18 and developed a passion for the ocean. He spent 10 years in the submarine service and 5 years in the Merchant Marine. Among the many vessels he has captained are the 78 foot glass bottom boat Discovery, 65 foot sailing catamaran Sebago and the 500 foot ocean-going integrated tug and barge unit Energy Altair. Mike enjoys telling sea stories and some history of the islands, pirates, and treasures.

Roberta holds a degree in Culinary Arts and Management and graduated cum laude as a certified chef. She is also a United States Coast Guard certified captain and was born in Washington State. She grew up swimming and skiing and enjoying the seafood of the Great Northwest. She has owned and operated a restaurant, "The Pantry", a wholesale muffin business, "American Maid Muffins", and a catering business, "Ashore and Afloat." Roberta takes great pride in serving her guests only the best! She is as capable in the galley as he is behind the helm!

Captain Rick Beckner
Donald (Rick) Beckner is the son-in-law of Mike & Roberta Haver and is now the alternate captain aboard Ayacanora. Mike is retiring but will return upon clients’ request.

Rick was born in Washington State and grew up on the Puget Sound where there is large sailing community which was the beginning of his love for the sea. He started sailing earnestly when he moved to the Virgin Islands.

Rick worked for the Renaissance Resort, St. Thomas, as an instructor for sailing and water sports and was the paint supervisor for the Mega Yacht Company, Delta Marine Industries. He is also the captain on Windborne day sail business when not aboard Ayacanora.

Rick holds a 100 ton USCG license and is an ASE certified mechanic which comes in handy on any vessel.

Rick is a very personable and enjoys the company of adults and children alike. He is a natural leader and very safety oriented. He will always make the guests' safety a priority and their vacation most memorable.

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